Wecome to Tanya's Tunes!

Experience the sights and sounds of
An American Tail.

We Live in Manhattan (1.05 MB)
Papa's Morning (1.10 MB)
Ice Cream(1.20 MB)
Treasure Map(1.18 MB)
Cholena, The Guide(1 MB)
Fievel's Questions(1.40 MB)
Never Say Never (1.5 MB)
Run, Run Fievel! (1.2 MB)
Somewhere Out There (1.6 MB)
Tanya's Reflection (1.73 MB)
Tiger Movie (1.8 MB)
An American Tail Trailer (4.5 MB)
Somewhere Out There (Real Audio)
Overture (Real Audio)
A Duo (Real Audio)
The Girl You Left Behind (Real Audio)
Never Say Never (Real Audio)
Way Out West (Real Audio)
Somewhere Out There (WAV)
Overture (WAV)
A Duo (WAV)
The Girl You Left Behind (WAV)
Never Say Never (WAV)
Way Out West (WAV)

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An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster
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